• Contact Police- The police will document where accident occurred, the parties involved, any witness information, and may assign fault based on their findings.

  • Take Down Information- Get 3rd party’s phone number, license, registration, license plate and proof of insurance.  Note any important statements from them.  Also, get contact information for witnesses, if possible.

  • Seek Medical Care- Visit a medical professional immediately to examine your injuries. Waiting too long may harm your physical and financial recovery.  

  • Take Photos- Take photos at the scene if you have a camera or phone with you.  Record damage to your bike and the other vehicle.  Document any visible injuries you sustained.

  • Keep A Journal- Record how your life has been affected by this accident.  Include physical and emotional aches and pains as well as your inability to perform your regular daily activities. Be as descriptive as possible.

  • Lost Wages- Keep track of all the time you lost from work as a result of the accident, including time taken off for doctor’s visits.

  • Save Physical Evidence- Keep the bike and clothes you were wearing in the same condition they were after the accident.  Keep all documents pertaining to your accident, such as police reports, notes, bills, etc.   

  • Don’t Speak To Insurance Company- Don’t give a recorded statement or sign any medical releases.  Any information obtained can be used against you later on.

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